Title Insurance Coverage Options

If you are taking out a mortgage on your new home, the lender will require you to purchase a title insurance policy to insure the title to the property. Lender’s policies only cover lender interests. To fully protect your investment, you will want to purchase an Owner’s policy.
There is additional specific coverage, called an endorsement, which can be purchased. 
The following is a list of additional protections provided with endorsements. Due to varying state laws some benefits may not be available to you. Consult with your North American Title representative to discuss the options available to you.

Enhanced policy options:
  •   Building permit violation coverage
  •   Subdivision Map Act coverage
  •   Location coverage
  •   Restrictive covenant violations coverage
  •   Zoning coverage
  •   Post-policy coverage
  •   Enhanced access coverage
  •   Encroachment coverage
  •   Supplemental taxes
  •   Coverage for structure damage from extraction of minerals, water and other substances
  •   Automatic coverage increases
  •   Living trust coverage
Your North American Title representative has extensive information to help you choose your coverage. Ask our expert staff for the competitive rate options available to you.
Homeowner’s Insurance

One of the most important decisions you will make during your home buying journey is selecting the right homeowner’s insurance to protect your investment. North American Advantage Insurance Services (NAAIS), a member of the North American Family of Companies, has access to a large menu of “A” and higher-rated national insurance companies. This helps to secure competitive pricing, which may include several discounts to further reduce your premium, including:
  •   New purchase discount
  •   New loan discount
  •   New home discount
  •   Fire | burglar alarm credit
  •   Mature buyer credit
  •   Accredited builder discount
  •   Home | auto discount
Setting up insurance coverage

NAAIS agents work closely with builders, mortgage and title companies and coordinate the speedy issuance of an insurance policy so you can close and move in on time. Shortly after signing your purchase contract, we mail you a personalized competitive homeowner’s insurance quote, tailored to your new home’s specifications.
For your convenience, we also offer these coverage options:
  •   Condominium owners
  •   Flood
  •   Auto | motorcycle
  •   Boats
  •   Excess liability
  •   Earthquake
  •   Recreational vehicle
Combining coverages

At NAAIS, our goal is to ensure your safety at home and on the road. Though you may not currently be in the market to shop for auto insurance during the homebuying process, it makes sense to consider obtaining a home/auto quote and take advantage of competitive premiums and additional savings through multi-policy discounts, good driving records, auto safety features and more.
For your convenience, our auto carriers offer easy-to-arrange payment options. No matter what your needs, our auto insurance professionals can help you find a plan to suit your budget.
Please contact an NAAIS agent at to discuss your coverage and additional saving options available. Once you have reviewed your personal insurance needs and have approved your quote, we will take care of the rest.