Unless you decide on hanging up your own sign to attempt a For Sale By Owner, then you will need to choose a real estate agent.

His or her market savvy and sales skills will be instrumental to selling your house within your time frame and budget expectations. Listing agents are going to make a percentage of your sale, so hire them as you would an employee.
1.Do your research

  •   Pay attention to agents who already have homes for sale in you neighborhood. Chances are, they know the area well. Pay extra attention to the ones that say “SOLD.”
  •   Look through local publications or online for those that are advertising, particularly those with homes similar to yours or homes in your general area of town.
  •   Ask for recommendations and referrals from friends.
  •   Call your North American Title Team and ask them for reputable local agents.
2. Conduct interviews
Ideally, you should interview at least three agents. Here are some questions to ask:

  •   What asking price do you suggest? Don’t base your choice of agent merely on their suggested price. In the industry it is called “buying a listing” when an agent recommends a listing price that’s much higher than other agents recommend. If the agents’ recommendations aren’t in a similar ballpark, ask why. You don’t want to list at a high point and end up dropping the price when it doesn’t sell.
  •   Are you a full-time agent? If it is just a side job, you may not be getting the level of attention a full-time agent would invest in selling your property.
  •   How many homes have you sold in my neighborhood? The more homes sold in your area, the more likely they are to know your neighborhood. That means they understand your market and can give you more reliable advice.
  •   What is your list-to-sales price ratio? Your agent should also know what the ratio is for the local market. This would be a good indicator of how correct their asking price will be for your home.
  •   What is your marketing strategy? From traditional methods of conducting open houses, listing in the newspaper to video tours of your home online, they should have a plan. Feel free to ask them what to expect.
  •   How many listings do you currently have? If you want attentive service, make sure your agent is going to have the time to dedicate to you.
  •   What are your expectations? Maybe it is one open house a month or five. You may need to plan for pets and family to vacate the premises. This is important.
  •   What is your fee? Customarily you will be paying the listing agent, unless other arrangements are made. Make sure to discuss what the fee is and how aggressively they will be marketing your home. Fees are negotiable, although a broker can set a fee within the brokerage that an individual agent must adhere to.
  •   Do you have any referrals? Ask if you can call previous clients, their experiences may help guide you in what to expect.