There are several steps leading up to the final sale of your property.

Title report
Depending on your geographic location, the buyer must obtain a title report, title opinion or preliminary agreement from North American Title, which states the status of the title for the house or property. This document informs them of the ownership rights to the title and the steps necessary to ensure the title is marketable.
Documents and inspections
As the seller, your role in the process is simple. Stay abreast of the progress of the transaction and acquire any documents that may be required for the closing. Chances are your home will be inspected by various parties on behalf of the buyer.  Call your North American Title representative if you have any questions.
Review the Settlement Statement
Upon final approvals and acceptances, you will receive a Settlement Statement, which is a statement with the actual fees and charges associated with a real estate transfer, as well as the proceeds due to the seller.
Close the transaction
Finally, you will determine the time and place to close the transaction. Typically, the seller and the seller’s agent go to the closing table to review and sign the final transfer documents. For situations where all parties cannot be present, consult with your North American Title representative about our extensive options for accomplishing your closing.

Please bring/have the following for closing:
  •   Valid Photo ID with signature for all parties (must be a U.S. driver’s license, U.S. ID card, or U.S. / foreign passport)
  •   A copy of the Wire Transfer Confirmation for any down payments and/or closing costs required, at the time of closing.
  •   Bring all parties to the transaction such as a spouse or co-owner
    • Personal & Cashier’s checks: North American will accept a check up to $25,000 made payable to North American Title, for Earnest Money Deposits only.
    • Wires: Funds over $25,000 must be wired to North American Title. Your North American Title representative will give you wiring instructions.