Short Sale Services

NATSSTAR – Your Short Sale Experts
At North American Title, we are sensitive to the complicated and long-ranging process involved in a short sale. We understand that from inception to completion, there are many steps, decisions and approvals that must take place. In the interest of providing you more time for productive real estate activities, we offer complete facilitation and title services to you throughout the process. Established in April 2009, North American Title Short Sale Transaction Assistance & Resource (NATSSTAR) has processed well over 2,000 Short Sale transactions. NATSSTAR takes 80% to 90% of the short sale processing work off your desk allowing you to do what you do best – list and sell homes! 
Our short sale services include:
  •  Order preliminary report
  •  Provide title curative services
  •  Prepare the Closing Disclosure
  •  Review and submit loss mitigation package to lender
  •  Regularly follow up with lender to expedite the transaction
  •  Communicate with agent and seller on progress of the short sale process
  •  Work to resolve title issues
  •  Order HOA disclosure package, when applicable
  •  Obtain lender short sale demand statement
  •  Move forward with normal closing process