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North American Title – Educating Our Clients About Title Insurance

The title industry has been a vital part of the American real estate industry since the late 1800s. North American Title is proud to have served homeowners, lenders and real estate agents by providing essential services to the industry for the past 60 of those years.
The professionals who make up this industry — including abstractors, title agents, escrow agents, attorneys and title underwriters — fulfill four critically important tasks to protect the ownership of land in the United States, including:
  •   Searching land records to determine ownership of properties being bought and sold ;
  •   Curing problems within the records that could prevent the property from exchanging hands;
  •   Insuring the new owner’s rights to the property; and
  •   Handling the voluminous legal documents and exchange of funds in the process of conveying ownership from a seller to a buyer.
The vitally important work of the title industry makes the secure exchange and ownership of property in America second to none in the world. For more detailed information about the title and escrow processes that take place during the buying and selling of real estate, click on the navigation links to the right.