NATTrack – North American Title’s Customer Online Interface Platform

At North American Title, we want to ensure our customers have all the information they need to effectively manage their transaction. Our goal is to provide our customers with as many options as possible for receiving and reviewing documents.

We are required by law to give our customers certain information in “writing,” which means our customers are ENTITLED to receive it on paper. However, we are also permitted to provide this information electronically, as long as we have prior consent. Customers who choose to provide consent to receive documents through secure email delivery can do so through NATTrack

NATTrack is the system used by North American Title to electronically communicate certain information and disclosures during the course of a real estate transaction.  Our customers can use this system to create a personal account to securely access their transactions. More importantly, our customers can authorize us to send and receive electronic communications.
The process is quick and straightforward. Customers are invited to:
  1. Register in our NATTrack system
  2. Read the “Consent to Electronic Communications and Signatures” and click on the consent button at the bottom
  3. Review the North American Title Group Family of Companies Privacy Policy and acknowledge receipt at the bottom
  4. Receive a confirmation email with a link that must be clicked on to finalize the consent process

At North American Title, we strive to provide you with every available option to streamline the transaction process so we can close your real estate transaction Like Clockwork ®.

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