Protect - The Detective

The North American Title Detectives

You know them as Title Abstractors. But they are really … DETECTIVES … dedicated to ferreting out every lien, claim or judgment; right-of-way, easement or covenant; mortgage, unpaid taxes or ownership rights that may impact your rights and ability to own, use or improve the property you are planning to buy.

They work side-by-side with all of the TITLE PROTECTORS at North American Title, including the Sales Representative, the Title Agent, the Escrow Officer, the Closing Agent, the Underwriter and the Claims Attorney.

Your Title Abstractor is an accomplished investigator, searching through public records to determine the history of ownership of the piece of real estate you are interested in buying. His diligence ensures you, your title underwriter and the lender will be made fully aware of all issues that need to be addressed, cured or resolved before the property can be safely transferred. The abstractor provides this information via an abstract of title, which is a synopsis of all of the information gathered.
The work of THE DETECTIVE includes:
  • Reviewing the statement of information to learn about and verify the seller has legitimate ownership of the property you are buying
  • Visiting the courthouse or title plant to locate the legal description of the property and review ownership history and documents
  • Discovering existing and previous mortgages, liens and judgments
  • Uncovering unpaid tax bills
  • Researching online to ferret out additional information about the property or sellers
  • Providing the abstract of title to the agent, the title examiner or attorney and working with them to clarify or further research issues that emerge
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