Protect - The Enforcer

The North American Title Enforcers

You know them as Title Sales Representatives. But they are really … ENFORCERS … dedicated to truth, justice and the safe transfer of property.
They work side-by-side with all of the TITLE PROTECTORS at North American Title, including the Abstractor, the Title Agent, the Escrow Officer, the Closing Agent, the Underwriter and the Claims Attorney. Learn more about all of our SUPER HEROES at
Your Title Sales Representatives or Business Development Representatives are your first contact with the title company. They take on multiple roles in the process, managing the expectations of Real Estate Agent, Lender, Borrower, Homebuyer and Seller as all parties move through the necessary steps to closing. Ultimately, they keep the lines of communication open, ensure needed information is provided for all aspects of the transaction and oversee the safe transfer of title.
The work of THE ENFORCERS includes:
  • Supporting the Real Estate Agent, Lender, Borrower, Homebuyer and Seller in their pursuit of the transaction
  • Facilitating communication with internal departments to make sure transactions are moving forward efficiently
  • Bringing a wide-ranging knowledge of the local market to understand unusual requirements with regard to renewable energy installations, Homeowners’ Associations and more
  • Helping customers navigate the special requirements for special situations such as the need for a power of attorney, remote closings or IRC §1031 exchanges
  • Providing educational materials to customers and their clients to keep everyone in the transaction fully informed