Protect - The Fixer

North American Title’s The Fixer

Behind the calm exterior of your North American Title Agent or Examiner is a tough-as-nails FIXER. She knows the lender won’t provide mortgage funds and the title insurance underwriter won’t insure the title if she doesn’t “cure” the title. Her job is to resolve all issues, clear up any discrepancies, and get all the paperwork and documents in proper order to meet the requirements of the title underwriter and the lender.

Your Title Agent or Examiner works side-by-side with all of the TITLE PROTECTORS at North American Title, including the Sales Representative, the Abstractor, the Escrow Officer, the Closing Agent, the Underwriter and the Claims Attorney.

Your Title Agent brings an eagle eye to the process, uncovering fraudulent deeds by comparing signatures and reporting the issue to the parties and the authorities, or discovering discrepancies in the Legal Description of the property and recommending a new survey to resolve the issue. Her goal is to ensure the new homeowner and lender have an insurable title.
The work of the Title Agent
or Examiner includes:
  • She acquires all documents related to the property, such as maps, legal descriptions, surveys and the history of ownership of the property (chain of title). She makes sure the language describing the property and its location matches from document to document. If it does not, she investigates and resolves the discrepancy.
  • She examines deeds, grant deeds of trust, easements, CCRs (codes, covenants and restrictions), deed assignments, reconveyances, taxes, judgments and liens, ensuring all data about the property is correctly identified and included in the final commitment or report.
  • She compares signatures across all documents to guard against fraudulent transfers.
  • There was a divorce! She requests documents to ensure sale goes through in accordance with divorce decree in terms of ownership rights.
  • Is the property in a flood zone? The buyer will need insurance.
    Was an old mortgage paid off? She calls previous lenders to verify and send a mortgage payoff to be filed at the courthouse.
  • She ascertains how the taxes owed will be prorated between the buyer and seller at the time of the closing.
    She reviews exceptions in the title report or commitment with information provided by the buyer, seller and lender to identify possible liens or encumbrances not authorized.
  • She works with the escrow officer and lender to reconcile any discrepancies, identify old liens that must be released and arrange for document recording as needed.
  • She prepares the title commitment or preliminary report, listing all items that must be resolved before the title can be insured.
  • Paperwork now in order, she hands it off to the Lender for final review and closing instructions and to her SUPER HERO ESCROW OFFICER to prepare for the closing or sign-off.
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