Protect - The Weaver

North American Title’s The Weaver

The Closing Agent is the master WEAVER. In her hands, lies evidence of all that occurred between the signing of the real estate contract and the final transfer. With the final mortgage package, sales contract and funds in hand, she arranges the final closing or sign-off with the Homebuyer and Seller.

The Closing Agent works side-by-side with all the TITLE PROTECTORS at North American Title, including the Sales Representative, the Abstractor, the Title Agent, the Escrow Officer, the Underwriter and the Claims Attorney. Learn more about all our SUPER HEROES.

The WEAVER is a master at assembling and organizing the voluminous closing package into a logical progression for presentation to the customer. At the closing, she explains each document that the Homebuyer or Borrower is signing and notarizes the necessary documents.
The work of the Closing Agent includes:
  • Working with the parties to schedule the final closing or sign-off
  • Gathering the final paperwork for the closing, including the real estate contract, the mortgage documents, proof of insurance, the title documents and the final Closing Disclosure.
  • Ensuring a Closing Disclosure has been sent to the Homebuyer for review three days before the closing and that a Settlement Statement has been sent to the Seller.
  • Presiding over the final closing or sign-off and explaining each of the documents that must be signed.
  • Providing copies of all pertinent documents to the Homebuyer or Borrower.
  • Reviewing the file after the closing to ensure everything is complete in the file according to the instructions provided by all the parties and all disbursements have been made.
  • Returning the completed mortgage package to the lender and arranging for the final issuance of the title insurance policy.
  • Congratulating you and celebrating your new home purchase!.
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