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North American Title Company provides escrow and settlement services for the sale and refinancing of residential and commercial real estate transactions, and for the issuance of policies of title insurance insuring the purchasers and lenders making loans secured by real estate. Services we offer include:
  •   Preliminary reports/ title commitments
  •   Residential title policies and endorsements
  •   Accessible and capable team members
  •   Project pricing
  •   Centralized title production
  •   Centralized underwriting
  •   Online ordering and electronic product delivery
  •   Plotted easements
  •   Residential parcel map and subdivision guarantees
  •   Balance, reconciliation and closing document
  •   IRS §1031 tax- deferred exchanges
  •   Notional notary services
  •   Coordinate with attorneys, principals, lenders and brokers
  •   Problem resolution
  •   Set up wiring and/ or holding of funds
  •   Dedicated team of experience closing officers
  •   Pre-transaction consultation
  •   Major project and multi- site pricing
  •   Opening and coordinating title reports and commitments
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