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At North American Title, we finalize your transaction by handling three important functions, PLUS provide you Identity Theft Protection through AllClear ID.

Identity Theft Protection
Enjoy 12 months of Identity Theft Repair Service, Credit Monitoring, and Fraud Alerts backed by $1 million Identity Theft Insurance through AllClear ID when you close your real estate transaction with North American Title. Learn more

Title Insurance

We search public documents to see if there are any outstanding issues that need to be addressed, such as multiple mortgages, judgments or liens, to safely transfer ownership rights to you. Once all issues have been resolved and satisfied, we provide a title insurance policy to the Lender to protect its interest for the life of the mortgage and one to the new Owner to protect your ownership rights for as long as you own the home. Learn more

Secure Escrow

A lot of money and many important documents change hands during a real estate transaction. Those funds and documents are held “in escrow” by North American Title. North American Title, as escrow holder, is a neutral third party who works in the best interests of all parties to the transaction, carrying out each party’s instructions, and distributing funds to the appropriate parties at the conclusion of the transaction.
PLEASE NOTE:  We follow strict protocols during the length of the escrow to educate and communicate with our customers to avoid fraudulent attempts to redirect funds in the escrow process.
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Final Closing
When North American Title has received final instructions from your Lender, as well as all necessary paperwork, documents, insurance affidavits and certifications, you will set the date for your Closing. That day, you will sign all final papers and mortgage documents to transfer the property to you. There are many steps you can take to ensure a smooth closing.
  • Make sure you provide all necessary documents and information to your Escrow Officer.
  • Communicate any special circumstances such as use of power of attorney or inability to attend closing.
  • Carefully review your Closing Disclosure before the final closing and make sure you have the necessary identification and required funds at closing.
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