Closing The Deal

With negotiations on your sale/purchase finalized, mortgage loan secured and insurance services selected, it is now time to sign all the paperwork and officially close the transaction on your new home.

Your closing agent will receive a series of instructions from your lender, concerning all paperwork needed to consummate the transaction. Once all the required insurances, documents and certifications are acquired, your closing agent will prepare the final loan package. As part of that loan package, the closing agent will prepare a Closing Disclosure, which is a statement that details your actual closing costs. The Closing Disclosure must be provided to you 3 days prior to closing.


It is vitally important to review the document and to compare it to the original Loan Estimate you received from your lender. The closing costs should be very similar to the original estimate. If you see any errors or have concerns about variations in prices between the two documents, report them immediately.

Preparation for the closing

Finally, you will determine the time and place to close the transaction. Typically, all parties go to the closing table with their real estate agent(s). For situations where all parties cannot be present, consult with your North American Title representative about our extensive options for accomplishing your closing.
When you come to the closing, please bring the following items:
  •   All documents required by your lender
  •   Valid Photo ID with signature for all parties (must be a U.S. driver’s license, U.S. ID card, or U.S. / foreign passport)
  •   Any monies required at closing
    • Personal checks: North American will accept a personal check up to $1,499 made payable to North American Title.
    • Cashier’s check: Funds over $1,499 must be in the form of a cashier’s check payable to North American Title. In some states, funds in this amount can only be wired. Your North American Title representative will give you instructions.
    • Wires: If funds are to be wired, contact North American Title for wiring instructions
  •   Bring your spouse
Please allow sufficient time for the closing process, as there are many documents you will be required to sign. Your North American Title agent will walk you step by step through the process, explaining each item in your mortgage package before asking you to sign. Call your local North American Title team if you have any questions before closing.