North American Title's FAQs

How long does it take to conduct a title search?
On average, 48 hours.
Can services be expedited?
Certainly. With our vast network of offices and our national team of experienced professionals, we have the ability to expedite to suit your needs.
When are your offices open?
Our hours are your hours. Although our regular hours are from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, we will accommodate your schedule. And since we are a national company, we have the ability to close at any of our offices at no extra charge.
If the transaction does not close, do I still incur charges?
Our policy is not to charge for our services if your transaction does not close, unless there are fees from other vendors such as survey and termite companies that do not waive their fees.
Can you handle a large volume of closings?
Yes. Our company structure is an interlaced team of experienced title professionals. We have the resources throughout various cities and states to seamlessly handle your closing without compromising our premier service, no matter how busy we are.
Is a week sufficient time to close?
Though it varies by transaction, if we receive all the required documents in a timely manner, then a week is sufficient time to prepare for a closing.
Do you have Spanish-speaking experts?
Yes, we can accommodate many languages. Let us know your specific needs so we can adapt accordingly.