There are several steps leading up to the final sale of your property.

Title report
Depending on your geographic location, the buyer must obtain a title report, title opinion or preliminary agreement from North American Title, which states the status of the title for the house or property. This document informs them of the ownership rights to the title and the steps necessary to ensure the title is marketable.
Documents and inspections
As the seller, your role in the process is simple. Stay abreast of the progress of the transaction and acquire any documents that may be required for the closing. Chances are your home will be inspected by various parties on behalf of the buyer and these results will need to be furnished to the escrow company. These procedures vary by state. Call your North American Title representative if you have any questions.
Lender instructions
As determined by your state’s laws, your Escrow Agent or Title Officer receives a series of instructions required to complete the transaction. The steps in fulfilling these transactions are the responsibility of each party and timely reporting of each action to North American Title ensures the transaction is completed in the most efficient manner possible. Once all the required insurances, documents and certifications are acquired, then all prepared documents must be signed and notarized, as required by law, and submitted to North American Title.
Review the Settlement Statement
Upon final approvals and acceptances, you will receive a Settlement Statement, which is a statement with the actual fees and charges associated with a real estate transfer, as well as the proceeds due to the seller.

Close the transaction
At the predetermined time and location, all parties will meet at the closing table to close the transaction*. All documents are signed, funds are disbursed and your property is sold.
(*This varies by state law and custom.)